Reiki and Alternative Healing

Reiki is a method of working with universal energy that has been used for years to assist in healing with physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances.

Many doctors are agreeing that Reiki work can be an extremely powerful form of healing and sometimes can rapidly release aches and pains and many acute illness.

Reiki can also recharge and rebalance the body’s subtle energies while relieving the effects of stress and anxiety. Reiki also can have a positive effect on spiritual growth in both the healer and the healee. Present day Reiki practitioners attribute this being developed in 1922 Mikao Usui, and has been used in many Buddhist medicine practices, but the modern roots of Reiki are believed to have originated back even to 500 B.C.

There are practices who use the systematic hand placement, and those who use are guided and rely more on intuition. Most clients report feelings of relaxation, or often fall asleep during a session. Sessions can last from 15 minutes to an hour depending upon the issue at hand.

Reiki is a healing practice that is not limited to healing just your physical body, but also your mind, your soul, your emotions. This practice can help you work out your negative mind patterns and negative core images that you may be carrying. It’s all about balance and helping to finish in unattended life problems, and bring you back to harmony.

When you clear negative blockages in your life and mind, you can focus more on spiritual development and improve your life. Find your true passions, enjoy life more, laugh, and embrace the path to becoming a better person!

Animal Healing

Just like humans, all animals feel emotions and should not be discarded in a lower level then us or looked upon as property. Your pets suffer from the same stressors and challenges you do, and when a caregiver has high anxiety and stress, then they will not only pick up on it, but most can and will absorb it to help alleviate us. They are sensitive beings that get scared, lonely, fearful, and as a result can exhibit negative behaviours that can be destructive or annoying. Excessive barking, loss of appetite, leash reacting, neediness, tearing up things, and separation anxiety. As responsible and loving caregiver we need to ensure their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Were humans tend to rely on logic and language to interpret the world , animals rely on their senses to survive. They ‘feel’ their way through the world and what it throws at them by seeing, sniffing, tasting, feeling, touching, kissing, and listening. The use intense body language to communicate with us. The limbic brain is much more powerful than the rational (cortical) brain. 97% of it actually dictates behavior, so this is why animals are so much more feeling then logical. Animals that interact more with humans will develop a more complex emotional panel and we must understand this and be sensitive to them. They usually mirror some of the feeling or body language of the caregivers, so if you are depressed, so are they. Sometimes more so. So if you are abusing yourself, then in a sense you are abusing your pet, so keep that in mind when healing your own issues. It is no accident that you have chosen a particular animal to be your companion and family member.

Reiki is highly effective on animals as well, and in my experience heal quicker because they are more in tune with energy on some levels. I started doing Reiki on my dear Tula after the vet prescribed her Xanax for storm anxiety. Her anxiety was extreme to the point of salivating, shaking, eyes bulging, so I was desperate for help. Xanax did not sit well with me, although I did try it on her because it was so painful to watch her go through. But if it is so addicting to humans, can you imagine on an animal? I used a combination of Reiki and noise techniques over a series of a few weeks which 100% healed her with no medication. It was the most incredible change I have seen in an animal, and I have worked on many. In all my reviews as a Project Manager and Landscape Artist, there is usually a mention of my effect on client’s animals, if I have formally performed Reiki or not, and that makes me very happy. This is an integral part of my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this to everyone, pets, and even plants, and is not dependent on religion, beliefs, or social status.

Distant Reiki

People often ask me about distance energy work, my answer is quite simple. Using distance energy has been used throughout time in many form. Some people pray and ask God to watch over or care for someone. We think of people and send them our love because everything is connected and there is power in these practices, Reiki is no different. You are using a specific issue and channeling that energy for the good of another person and animal. I always asked permission before doing a distant Reiki session and sometimes I use different techniques depending on the situation and what I am feeling.

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