EFT, Herbs, & Meditation Practice

An EFT Practitioner, better known as Tapping, is a professional certified coach, therapist, psychologist, or counselor who uses Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) on a variety of issues like anxiety, stress, pain, addictions, negative emotions, as well as focusing on goals and positive achievements.

I prefer to work with clients via Skype this way, so they can feel more comfort in their own home, but keep in mind you can use EFT wherever you are and learn it yourself.

Most important thing is to stay on track and follow an issue through to the end. It is helpful to have an EFT Practitioner, as that can assist you in identifying the root of the problem and clearing the obstacles that are preventing you from healing.


Unlike synthetic drugs, which often contain just one, very powerful active ingredient, an essential oil may contain hundreds of components. It is not the individual components that produce the therapeutic properties of the oil, but the way they work together and interact. It is the whole complex, delicately balanced mixture that is important. Aromatherapy and essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, or roots. Fragrances in the oils can stimulate different nerves in the nose and send impulses to the brain that can control memory and emotions. Oils vary, so they also can assist on many ailments of the body and mind and can even produce a calming or stimulating effect. It can help treat a wide range of emotional or physical conditions including depression. Aromatherapy relives stress and promotes relaxation. A wide range of emotional or physical conditions it can help treat, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, infections, coughing, allergies, burns, and high blood pressure.

Teas and herbs are the Best!

For Centuries and in every culture people have used herbs and spices for their foods, in spiritual practices, and also to help and heal their bodies. Herbs have very strong healing powers for our mental and physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well beings. This is a wonderful and very simple addition to your healing that is extremely effective.


When most people think about health and wellness, or improving their fitness, the main thought are usually forms of exercise like running, weights, swimming, playing sports, and hopefully diet and nutrition. If you are not taking care of your mind with your body, you are leaving half of the equation out.

While these are great and can work towards improving your physical fitness level and nutritional standing, one key element of health and wellness that is far too often overlooked is the mental component. Think of meditation as exercise for the mind, the same way that running or cross fitness helps to strengthen your body, or the same way that health food provides nutrients. When you can align all three elements – exercise, good nutrition, and meditation, this is when you will achieve a state of optimal health and function. The greatest thing you can do for your health, is not what you do with just your body, but what you can do for your Mind. Using mindfulness, spiritual, and focused meditation techniques are what I practice and teach.

“Nature is but another name for health” – Henry David Thoreau