Community Outreach Nature Sessions

Sometimes we all need some inspiration and education concerning what we can do to enhance our yards, lives, or communities.

Learning first hand from The Nature’s Crusader herself you will enhance your knowledge on a wide variety of garden and wellness topics for community or business groups, children’s events, addiction facilities, mental health hospitals, non-profits, and rehabilitation centers.

By Appointment

You will hear how My personal experience with Nature, nutrition, and the power of positivity greatly improved my PTSD and years of brutal insomnia. Providing simple facts and answers to any questions on my experience spectrum. Using my years of creative gardening wealth to educate you on your garden and wellness goals. Discussion on plant projects from hummingbirds to butterflies, water management, sun and shade plants, weed control, and warding off the adorable yet pesky deer. Taking time to understand how important connecting with nature and realizing just how vital it is in pertaining to your body, mind, and spirit. Understanding the connections that exists and apply Nature to assist with any levels of healing. Topics may range from Holistic Health and Mental Wellness approaches, to creating a Zen garden at your home. Xeriscape, Interior plants, and Tropicals, knowing about toxic plants near your children and pets, to healing plants and design styles that suit you.

Nature Sessions will take place generally in an outdoor location and if very effective as it combines the therapeutic advantages of the outdoors and increases good communication between individual or group members. It has all the benefits of Nature, combined with our specific topic of the day, and as always encouraging a connection with the natural world, to assist in understanding and stimulate your mind, body, and spirit.

These sessions are pre-planned so you know when and where our next meeting is and weather updates. Nature sessions are suitable for anyone, but extremely effective for those who already love Nature and the outdoors.

Specific topics may vary based the needs of the group and will be decided on beforehand. It is not required to talk in the group if you do not feel up to it, but being in Nature will give you the emotional hug you need and does not judge. The outdoor locations are usually held at one of the many great green areas of Austin and can last up to 90 minutes.

When you are ready to take a Nature Bath, simply contact me on and make an appointment!

“One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.” – W.E. Johns