Addiction Guidance

I know what you’re going through…and it Gets better! Living with PTSD and surviving the incredible horrible side effects of benzodiazepines, the road of addiction recovery is a painful one. But when tough times are here, then tough decisions have to be made, and I choose life.

After 24 years of being on Ativan, Ambien, and other drugs to assist with my PTSD and Insomnia , the side effects were causing serious damage to me, and when I attempted to reduce my dose on my own (never do this), I ended up having a seizure and at the hospital.

It was then that my Awakening began as I knew this was only going to get worse. The drugs that doctors prescribed me to combat my PTSD were actually making it worse. Who knew. I understood this was medicine and took as directed. It took me 24 months to taper off benzos so I am not a stranger to this abyss.

The ramifications of these drugs can be extremely dangerous and addicting, and it seems lately the side effects of benzos and other dangerous medications are starting to come to light, unfortunately with people passing as a result. Many of my clients suffer not only the physical pain of withdrawal, but the journey ahead of re-establishing the damage done with their families and relationships because of these drugs.

Get in tune with your strength and do NOT believe or allow all the horror stories out there. Everybody is different, and I am not saying it is easy, but do not be persuaded into thinking that you will suffer the same. Time and patience are the key to this success.

After talking with hundreds of people who suffer from this roller coaster called “medication”, I knew I had to extend my services and help others who are so desperate for answers and reassurance. Tapering protocols vary, and you have to get in tune with your body very well and be proactive with your medical advisors to ensure a safe schedule of getting off addicting medications.

Diet and nutrition, sugar and caffeine intake, exercise, meditation, and a good support system are critical. I reached deep within myself and connected with the one true thing that I knew would save me- Nature, and so can you.

Being grounded was what saved me and re-established my spiritual connection, and Nature is a true healing miracle we are surrounded by. If you are not grounded, you’re like a leaf in the wind, very vulnerable and unbalanced. But when you are well grounded you are more peaceful in your life and can tackle what it may throw at you and not be as easily influenced by it or others. By acknowledging the gifts of nature all around us, then the true healing begins.

Whether it is conventional doctors over prescribing unnecessary medications, or not informing patients properly, to the alternative scare tactics and disinformation going on everywhere, I will continue to speak out for the people who have no voice.

My goal is to empower others with factual science and education, as well as my own personal experiences, and encourage doctors and nurses to please become more sympathetic and aware of the side effects and recovery process of addicting medications.

Even being certified in Holistic Nutrition and Herbs, and an expert in Addition counseling terminology, I do encourage others to please be under a doctors’ care while tapering off medications, especially benzos.

Although I do practice alternative treatments and firmly believe in Intergrative Medicine, carefully chart your progress, and share this with your doctor. I am not a doctor, psychologist, or counselor and cannot legally diagnose or treat any illness or disease so be proactive with your medical advisors and always ask questions with safety first.

As enraged as I was at the medical community, I know now that not all doctors are bad. Not all medicines are poison, and not all holistic approaches are perfect either. I encourage you not to label yourself as a victim from being prescribed these drugs, but empower yourself and reclaim your life. You are a survivor. It is my goal for you to reach your health goals safe and effectively and realize just how strong you really are.

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” – May Sarton, American poet (1912 –1995)