Nature is Healing

We all love being in nature because it dramatically reduces stress, soothes, and can heal a wide range of physical and mental ailments.

It increases positive emotions, and gives us the opportunity to connect as spiritual beings to nature. We connect with nature because we are nature, not separate.

Everything in the outer universe is a reflection of our consciousness and our body. Wellness and being aligned with nature will only strengthen and improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

Realizing that we are an integral part of everything is the first step to healing. And plus it just makes us happy!

Horticulture Therapy

Horticultural therapy is a science-proven practice to increase your health. The therapeutic benefits of garden environments have been documented since ancient times.

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Health and Life Coaching

Horticulture Therapists and Eco-Coaches tailor individualized wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit to help achieve your potential.

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Reiki and Alternative Healing

Reiki is an age old energy practice of working with universal energy to assist you in understanding different areas of your health and spiritual connection.

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Happy Thoughts From Our Nature Awakens Clients

After receiving much judgement in my quest for healing, I reached out to Jodi. Thank you for guiding me on the right path for my health and spiritual well-being. You’ve been a wealth of knowledge and encouragement, many thanks. M.

What can I say? I was once a person with no meaning in life. My life was empty and I felt like a loser. A close friend of mine gave me a link to Nature Awakens and my life is suddenly a life with a purpose. I have never felt this way before and I recommend it to all people I meet.